Welcome to New England’s largest Wind Farm on the summit of Mars Hill Mountain, Maine. The $85 million project by UPC Wind Management consists of 28 massive wind turbines (17 in front of the camera, 11 behind). Each wind mill is 389 feet tall and has 3 blades. The towers are wired to individually pivot toward the wind and all three blades can be feathered to get the most efficient push. They are also programmed to shut down in sustained high winds.

The wind farm, when operating at full capacity, generates approximately 42 megawatts of power, enough to power 45,000 average Maine homes. Even at 35% capacity, the project generates enough power to accommodate at least 22,000 homes. The electricity produced from the Mars Hill Wind Farm results in a reduction of approximately 65,000 tons of carbon dioxide and over 350 tons of other damaging pollutants every year.